Martijn Heleven

PhD student

Bachelor in Biology
Master in Biomedical Sciences – Environmental Health Sciences

Joined the group in September 2021

Research project: Reactive oxygen species as multifaceted regulators in directing tissue polarity during regeneration

Currently, I am working on investigating the redox mechanism behind the cellular dynamics during regeneration. I aim to answer existing research gaps concerning the nature of the ROS invoked, their site of production, concentration, distribution, and the downstream cellular signaling events involved in stem cell functioning in planarians. Focus will be directed towards the interplay between ROS and mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK) signaling pathways. The challenging task in elucidating the forces that drive stem cell fate towards good or bad physiological outcomes lies in understanding the complexity of a multilevel environment. Not only is it essential to investigate the involved redox components, their intracellular sources and downstream targets, it is also needed to explore their modulating capacities in different body structures.

My favorite quote: “Impossible is not a scientific word.”

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