Nathalie Leynen

Former PhD student | Former Teaching Assistent

Current occupation: Drought Coordinator Province Limburg

Master in Biology
PhD in Sciences: Biology

Joined the group in October 2014
Defended PhD in January 2021

Research project: A toxicological study on the effects of silver nanoparticles, with focus on stem cells

Silver nanoparticles belong to the most commercialized nanomaterials, but the current knowledge on their toxicity is very poor. As these particles have a size smaller than 100 nm, they have size-dependent properties that are strikingly different from those of the bulk material. Despite its omnipresence, in-depth knowledge on the potential toxicity of nanosilver is still lacking, especially for developing organisms. The enormous regeneration capacity of Schmidtea mediterranea gives me the opportunity to determine development-specific aspects of toxicity in vivo. In addition, I can investigate effects on stem cell functioning and the central nervous system.

My favorite quote: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

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